Complete Guide To Make Money With Event Based Niche Blogs

by fiverr

July 2, 2020

Hello Friends, First of all Belated Happy Valentines Day. Today during this post i will be able to be revealing a secret behind making some large chunks of cash with Event Based Blogs.

You might have heard about Niche blogs, but nowadays a replacement trend of Event Based Niche Blogs has started. this system is getting used by many clever bloggers, I feel that now its time for you to possess success with it.

What is an occasion Based Blog ?
Its quite simple, Event based blogs are the blogs that specialize in any upcoming event (Like New Year , Valentines day etc) which is specially celebrated everywhere the planet . Its Simple, Create and rank a blog following all the steps and receive tons and plenty of organic visits to your blog during the event. for instance : one among my friend Imran Uddin (Founder of AllTechBuzz) created an occasion based blog for “NEW YEAR 2014“. There are often many examples seen everywhere the place.

I think you all are now cognizant of such sort of blogs. My friend, who i discussed about earlier remodeled 2000$ (yes you’ve read it right ) in only every week together with his blog he created.

How To catch on Running ?
Now let me tell you the procedure of the way to start with one such blog. Its not very easy because it sounds but once you apply all steps properly then you’ll surely get success with it.

Get a website name associated with the event –Make sure you buy a website name associated with event you’re blogging about.

For example: If you’re making a blog on Valentines day itself then your Top Level Domain (TLD) must be like,

“” or “” etc etc

There are often many such names chosen. What actually the advantage of this is often that your site are going to be ranked First whenever someone searches for these keywords specially the precise keywords which are common to your name . So this is often one part done into making a successful event based site.

Post Title and Content- this is often one the foremost important step that ought to be carefully followed. If you are feeling that just having the precise match name will take you top, then you’re completely wrong. you continue to need to consider about the content also because the Title

Here are Some tips regarding your post

Your post title should be selected keeping in mind of what people will search.
Try to invovle the year in your post title ( REALLY HELPFUL )
Don’t dissapoint readers by posting inferiority content.
Make sure to try to to Internal Linking within your posts.

Let me offer you some samples of how the post and therefore the title should appear as if . attempt to make title intrinsically people will search.

Example 1: Happy New Year Wallpapers 2014

Example 2: Valentines Day 2014 Sms

Example 3: Free HD New Year 2014 Wallpapers

I hope you understood this, now lets mention the content. Creating content for such blogs isn’t in the least a Difficult task. It’s quite easy, Like in most of some posts you’ll be needing many pictures ( Wallpapers, designs, Gift Cards, Gif Images etc). So its very easy to gather such images from different search engines otherwise you can create it yourself. i will be able to soon post about the way to use pictures from different sites with full rights. except for that you simply need to wait, so better google it for now.

One more important thing, attempt to take your post count to around 20-40. it’ll take very less time in creating posts and if you create atleast 2 posts each day then you’ll reach the mark in only 15 days.

Link Building: Now comes the a part of link building, apply various techniques of building backlinks back to your blog. Share content on Social Sites and Directory submission sites also .
Check this post to urge Niche Based Backlinks In No Time

SEO: confirm to try to to both OFF-Page also as ON-Page SEO of your site. If you don’t realize it you’ll hire an expert for the work. we will also provide you SEO EXPERTS for this work.

Monetization: the ultimate a part of your event based blog is to Monetize your site by Google Adsense (or the other of your choice). attempt to follow all the principles of AdSense as nobody would really like to ascertain a ban thereon . If you don’t have AdSense and if you’re struggling to urge one for yourself. Check our AdSense section or Contact us via our contact page.

Extra Tips to make sure 100% Success

Use Blogger Platform instead of WordPress as Blogger platform will assist you rank your posts well on top and in no time.
Start the work atleast 1 month before the Event.
Try to run this in partnership together with your friend.
Make sure to Index every post using Google webmasters also as other webmaster tools.
Work with Dedication and don’t take it lightly as this subject is sort of trending round the blogosphere.
Atlast Sleep well on the Event night and have an honest morning with $$ on your Adsense account also as other affiliate account if you’ve set any.

We are deciding to form an occasion based blog in partnership with any of IFTISEO readers ( yes you). So if you’re really interested, do contact us.

I hope I even have explained you well about the subject . Please share this together with your friends and other bloggers. We always appreciate your valuable comments. Happy blogging and Valentines Day.

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